The Act XLVIII. of 1993


      on Mining orders the following about the state supervision of mining and about the mine supervision.



decrees the following:

In the course of the performing of the activities falling under its supervision it is task of the mine supervision to protect the life, physical condition and health of the workers and to verify compliance with the rules regarding the management of mineral resources, the protection of the environment, landscape and nature, technical safety and fire protection.


Within the framework of the supervision role of the mine supervision in its executive capacity, it shall have competence in technical safety, labour protection, construction, management and supervision and mineral resources management affairs, as defined in this Act and in legislation separate. Its fire protection authority competence shall extend to the underground parts of mines with the surface parts of mines falling under the same consideration.


The following fields belong to the competence of the mine supervision, that include

 (a) technical safety, work protection, construction authority, and market surveillance affairs:

- the mining of mineral raw materials,

- the deep drilling for the mining and geological aims,

- the maintenance and abandoning of opened rooms of ceased underground           mines,

- the exploration of geothermal energy, the extraction and utilising of it for energetic aims,

- the technological establishment, the pipeline, the hydrocarbon-transport line the natural gas distributor line the targetline used in hydrocarbon production and preparation and primary utilisation, the more the construction, the commencement, the technical operation, the deconstruction and the abandoning of transport lines of other gasses and the production thereof,

- the exploration, the commencement and the operation of geological structures that are usable for storing hydrocarbon,

- the liquefied propane-butane gasses, their different mixtures thereof the filling and storing establishments, the pressure probe and repair establishments, the distributor lines and the establishments and devices that are needed to these therein and the construction, the commencement, the operation and the deconstruction thereof, furthermore

- the establishment, the commencement and the operation of industrial stores of explosives.

(b) technical safety and work protection affairs:

- the establishment, the utilisation and deconstruction of waste heaps in cases when the activity is not part of the mining activity,

- the prepare of industrial explosives by mixing on the place (site) of utilisation and distribution if they cannot be started by fuses

- the industrial blasting activity,

- certain underground activities, that aims not mining utilisation but the activities are done with mining methods such as (shaft sinking, deep drilling and the construction of tunnels and drifts) with the exception of deep construction,

- the blasting technical research activity that is carried out at an examining laboratory aiming mining utilisation,

-  the mining rescue and outburst protection services,

- the examining laboratories and testing sites operating in mining plants furthermore

- the mining safety research activities and the training mine if it is in a mining plant.


With the exception of the cases defined in the legislation, in the authority type matters falling under the competence of the mine supervision, the Mining District Authority competent in the region shall proceed, at the first instance and the Mining Bureau of Hungary shall proceed at the second instance. In the first instance procedures of the Mining Bureau of Hungary, the president of the Bureau proceed on second instance.


The Hungarian Mining Authority is an organ of the state administration with national effect and independent tasks and competence operating under the control of the Government, supervised by the Minister of Economy and Transport. The Mining Bureau of Hungary is a legal entity, working as a central budgetary organ and that manages its budget independently.


The headquarters and region of competence of the regional Mining District Authorities shall be defined by the Minister, on the proposal of the President of the Mining Bureau of Hungary.


The Mining Bureau prepares the decisions of the Minister relating to the management of mineral resources and concession contracts, and also shall prepare the mine safety rules referred to in subsection and shall control the execution, thereof.


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Act XLVIII of 1993 on Mining, consolidated with Government Decree No. 203/1998. (XII. 19.) issued for its execution


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